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Linking the Gap presents your personal guide to feeling better. Our resources include articles, ebooks, videos, and more to help you discover yourself, heal, and find the happiness you desire and deserve.

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  • If you find you answered Yes to any of these questions, and would like to do a tune up on life, please join us in our skills based group. This is a group that is offered online.

Want to be your best self?

Please check out these additional resources:

Little Hero’s Journal – BestSelf Co.– Interactive journal for kids ages 7-12 years old that helps promote self-esteem and building healthy habits.

Relationship Journals – BestSelf Co. Interactive 13 week journal that helps improve empathy, validation and communication skills

Self Journal – Goal Setting Planner | BestSelf Co. scripted 13 week journal designed to track progress and hold us accountable to desired healthy lifestyle changes

30-Day Gratitude Journal – BestSelf Co. 30 day gratitude journal to shift focus to a more positive mindset

Additional resources for mental health professionals- please click on link below:


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